I strive to create sharp, bright and beautiful work that highlights the very best moments of your special day. As you make your vows to each other, I make a vow to you that no detail shall go un-captured. I promise to make you feel as relaxed as I will be on your day, to make it fun and to be in no way daunting. We will chat during the lead up to your wedding date about every aspect of your day so I can create a timeline so that everything runs smoothly on the day. I think every photographer in this day and age claims to capture natural looking photographs that aren't posed... I love to think of fun ways to get that natural look, like conversation queue cards and games that add to the experience of your day. In my personal opinion, artistic trends can sometimes hinder wedding photography. At present over-use of grain and motion blur to create that 90's film vibe can be overused to the point where the subject isn't in focus or even visible. I remain true to creating photographs that serve purpose (that when you look at them in decades to come, you can see what the person looks like) not just a vibey blur. Sure... I adore thinking outside the box to get incredible and unique shots but not at the cost of not being able to tell who or what is in the photo.

If you choose to book with me, the first step is filling out a booking form that tells me about your plans in the making. I love to hear about the day you are planning and am always happy to share any advice on vendors and general wedding day tips (i've seen a lot over the last few years so feel free to pick my brain!). You will also pay a deposit to secure your date. From here on, you can contact me with any queries and also send me any must have snaps and inspiration which I will add to your personal file. Emma (featured below) stated how much she loved vintage themes so I had this ingrained in my mind throughout her wedding day and through the post production process too. We have a zoom/in person meeting or phone call in the week leading up to your wedding day where we solidify an itinerary which allows your day to run smoothly and coincide with any other vendors that I will be working alongside. During this phone call you will also inform me of any family dynamics I should be aware of and if you choose to you can give me a list of must have family portraits.

“Wow Chloe, we have just sat up for hours and relived our day. Incredible photos. You have done such a wonderful job capturing the day and night. I am so happy!”

Your preview gallery

Within 24 hours of me leaving your wedding... you will receive a sneak peek gallery of 10-20 photographs usually showcasing the pinnacle moments of your day or some standout shots that I can't wait to share with you. This is great if you are wanting to share photos with those who couldn't celebrate with you or for social media. This will be delivered digitally just like your final gallery.