About me.

I shall try to make this section actually about me and not my business. Whether you are considering hiring me for your wedding day or to photograph your new born, you may want to know a little about this MilkChic gal. I am British born and bred and after a lot of global galavanting, working in the fashion industry in London, I somehow managed to find myself on a dairy farm in Timboon of all places... with a wonderful husband and 2 very handsome little boys who call me Mum.

The business name MilkChic was born when my partner was drinking a milkshake, some how the fusion of 'Milk' (from a dairy farm) and 'Chic' relating to the fashion industry created a quirky and personal name. I am however now often known as 'The Milk Chick'. People often mention that I am a relaxed soul, and when chatting to potential clients, I reiterate that I am far from domineering but get the job done in a very calm manner which means you can keep calm and carry on too.

Many photographers 'stumble' across photography as their passion, however, Photography lies a lot deeper than that for me. I grew up around photography which inspired me to study the subject when I was 15. I sat both GCSE and A Level Photography (which I almost feel embarrassed writing) but I love that my career links back to my teen years and that when I was exploring and learning this incredible craft, I was processing film negatives and developing them in the dark room. I still shoot on film and very much miss getting to develop prints myself.

All photographs above are taken by the talented Adrian Neal - https://www.thestudiowithoutwalls.co.uk/