hello, i am Chloe thompson, photographer & videographer.

on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria.

When I was a young child, I was always in front of the camera, my mother was one to capture every moment on her Olympus film camera then meticulously organise the photographs into albums chronologically. My Grandfather was a professional photographer at airshows and always had a camera around his neck. I now have that very camera strap around my neck when I am out and about capturing your special moments. I am a woman full of emotion, creativity and adore those nostalgic tingles you get when you relive a memory. Whether that process is through viewing a photograph, smelling a familiar scent or hearing a song... that moment is so special and I am here to help make those moments happen for you.

I have had the absolute honour of following families through the most significant milestones, from their engagement photos, onto their momentous wedding day… skip forward a year and I am on a beach at sunset capturing a glowing baby bump before stepping into the warmth of my studio where I see that same couple holding their new born baby. That magic is just beautiful. 

Aside from me being a photographer, I am a mother and a wife. I moved from the United Kingdom to Australia in 2016 and that was the starting point of photographing on a more professional level. The small coastal community that I reside in were so welcoming and word-of-mouth allowed my business to flourish. 

The process of being photographed can be daunting, I am a very calm and non-domineering person. Clients often comment on my relaxed nature which is always great to hear. Never should you ever feel uncomfortable, as when you look back on the photographs, it is likely you will feel that same emotion… and that is not what we want. If there’s anything you aren’t comfortable doing (for instance kissing in front of the camera) then don’t do it. Whether we are capturing your wedding or a family milestone, you want to be at ease doing what you love… so feel free to think out of the box when planning your shoot and bounce ideas off of me. I am thankful to have years of experience to help guide you. 

family photo shoots

I have heard many times that I should choose just one area of photography to focus on, but have chosen not to take that advice on board, as there is no way I could purely focus on Weddings and forfeit working with families. I have now photographed over 100 families and have had the privilege of following some through magic milestones whilst witnessing their young ones grow and thrive. We will choose a location that not only suits the style you are hoping to achieve but also one that will suit the dynamics of your family. If you feel that your little ones will be uncomfortable in a studio environment and would rather roam the beach whilst I capture natural snaps from a distance then that will be the way to go... if you have a new born in the midst of winter, then come into the warmth of my studio for some pure and bright portraits.

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